Thanks to a detailed questionnaire, SmartRoby enables you to assess the feasibility of automating a process, especially its potential value, to help you prioritize your RPA projects and better manage your investments.

SmartRoby offers a very advanced functionality for evaluating the processes in place and the potential of areas for improvement. Regarding RPA (Robotic Process Automation), this step is crucial, and it will enable you to determine to what extent the automation of a given process will have an impact or be profitable. SmartRoby’s Process Assessment module also enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your in-place processes in order to improve them or avoid bad practices.

Process evaluation is an essential step before launching an RPA project and will enable you to define an intelligent strategy for automating your processes. You will be able to clearly identify the priorities by evaluating the capacity as well as the maturity of your processes.

SmartRoby gives you all the tools you need to run this assessment with an integrated RPA Impact / Feasibility Matrix. Our experts have thus developed a complete questionnaire taking into account the specific context of the assessment of each process (feasibility, time consumption, exceptions, business affected, IT environment, etc.).

At the end of the questionnaire, SmartRoby’s algorithms calculate the estimated impact, complexity, feasibility, return on investment and the payback point for the process you are evaluating. With these results in hand, you are better equipped to make the best decisions and manage your RPA opportunities. You can also modify, analyze, and submit your use cases for approval to your managers.

Our solution thus offers you the possibility of making a preliminary study for your automation project, including all the significant factors that contribute to the success or failure of the project.

With this educated diagnosis, you will be able to assess your risks, optimize the management of your resources and seize the best opportunities.

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