SmartRoby enables you to visualize the relative automation exceptions of all automated processes and alerts you in real time to facilitate the work of your business teams.

Exception Management (where the robot encounters a problem preventing it from finishing a process, for example: unavailable resources, inaccessible information, validation of key information required by a human to finalize the closure of a process, etc.)  is a key topic in RPA. With SmartRoby, you can visualize in real time the exceptions taking places while running your automated processes.

Stay alerted thanks to the various metrics intelligently spread across the portal and monitor the number of exceptions that have occurred. You can choose to disregard an exception and remove it after resolving its underlying problem, or you can ask Novelis to develop a specific exception management process with a robot that resolves the exception for you to increase efficiency and productivity (valid for certain types of exceptions).

SmartRoby also allows you to sort and filter exceptions by process, date, exception reason or even exception type to get the most out of your maintenance experience.

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